Buy From Reseller

Why should I buy simplebim® from my local reseller instead of Datacubist?

Support and training

When you buy from a reseller you get support and training in your local language during the business hours of your own time zone.

Professional services

Resellers can help you deploy simplebim® in your organization and projects.

Relevant content

Resellers offer additional content (templates, add-ons) relevant to the software you use in the region in which you operate.

Licensing options

Resellers can offer licensing solutions that integrate better to your IT environment and align your simplebim licenses with other licenses you may already have from the reseller.

All green building / LCA users

Reseller Bionova
Contact Contact Us | Bionova
Information You can use simplebim to power One Click LCA, a life-cycle assessment tool for e.g. LEED and BREEAM
All users in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Reseller BuildingPoint AG
Contact (German)
Autodesk users in Nordic countries

Reseller Symetri

Henrik Munk Madsen
+45 40 52 20 52

Paal Haave
+47 90 83 12 91

Jyrki Petsalo
+358 40 865 6444

Hamoun Ashrafzadeh
+46 8 28 41 12
Information Symetri sells simplebim® under the name ‘Naviate Simple BIM’ as part of the Naviate product family
All users in Germany

Reseller GSP Network GmbH
Contact GSP Network homepage
All users in Benelux countries

Reseller KUBUS
Information Introduction to simplebim (Dutch)
Buy KUBUS Webwinkel
ArchiCAD users in Finland

Reseller MAD
Contact Contact information (Finnish)
All users in Estonia


Reseller TuLiTec OÜ
Information Simplebim at TuLiTec
All users in Spain

Reseller CAESoft
All users in France

Reseller CADatWORK
Information CADatWORK
All users in Lithiania and Latvia

Reseller UAB Intelligent BIM Solutions
Information simplebim at UAB