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Simplebim 8 Single User Licenses
One commercial single user license allows a single user to use Simplebim on a maximum of two computers (office/home, desktop/laptop) used by that same user.
Commercial Single User Rental License 800€/license
Commercial Single User License 1 600€/license
Commercial Single User License Upgrade from Simplebim 7 800€/license
Invoice payment available. VAT will be added to prices if applicable
Simplebim 8 Network Licenses
A commercial network license allows as many users to use Simplebim at the same time as there are licenses. User must be online, but can also borrow a license to use the application offline.
Commercial Network Rental License 1 250€/license
Commercial Network License 2 500€/license
Commercial Network License Upgrade from Simplebim 7 1 250€/license
Invoice payment available. VAT will be added to prices if applicable
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Rental licenses

With the rental license there is no up-front fee for the license and you pay only for using Simplebim. During the rental period you have the right to always use the latest version of Simplebim. The minimum rental period is 12 months and the rental agreement is renewed automatically unless cancelled 3 months before the rental period ends. Regardless of any cancellation, the rental agreement is always valid until the end of the rental period. If you cancel and once the rental period ends, you no longer have the right to use Simplebim.

Permanent licenses

With a permanent license you pay an up-front fee for the license, which gives you the right to use the then current version of Simplebim indefinitely.

Subscriptions for permanent licenses

Simplebim Annual Subscription: 600€/year

Permanent commercial Simplebim licenses always include a 12 month subscription from the purchase date. This first subscription is included in the license price. A subscription entitles you to all new major versions of Simplebim while your subscription is active. Unless you cancel your subscription at least 3 months prior to its expiration, you will be automatically invoiced or your credit card charged for a 12 month renewal when it is time to renew your subscription. Regardless of any cancellation, the subscription is always valid until the end of the subscription period. If you cancel and the subscription period ends, you still have the right to use continue using the then current version of Simplebim.

Subscriptions are not available for academic licenses.

Academic licenses

Free and discounted academic licenses are available for education, research and students. More information…

Volume Discounts

For permanent licenses the volume discounts are available starting at 5 licenses. There are no volume discounts for rental licenses.

Perpetual Upgrade Rental
Commercial Single User License 1-4 1 600€/license 800€/license 800€/license
5-9 1 440€/license 720€/license 720€/license
10+ 1 300€/license 650€/license 650€/license
Commercial Network License 1-4 2 500€/license 1 250€/license 1 250€/license
5-9 2 240€/license 1 120€/license 1 120€/license
10+ 1 970€/license 985€/license 985€/license
License Version Upgrades

When you upgrade from the previous Simplebim version to the current version (for example from Simplebim 7 to 8) you get a 50% discount. If you skip one version (for example upgrade from Simplebim 6 to 8) you get a 25% discount.

License Type Upgrades

From Single User to Network License : 1 000€/license
Please note that license type upgrades are available only by invoice. VAT will be added if applicable.

Payment by invoice

If you would rather have us send you an invoice, please contact us at Please note that there is a handling charge of 25€/invoice and you are responsible for any wire transfer fees. There are no handling charges or other additional costs for online purchases. Please also note that for invoices we only accept bank wire transfers (no cheques, no charges to credit cards).

No 99 Prices

We feel ’99 Prices’ would just be an insult to our customers intellect

Sales Contact

If you have any questions or need assistance placing your order, please contact us at