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Simple BIM Exchange Recipe

Following this fairly simple recipe we can make sure that the BIM exchange produces the expected value for all involved parties. Everybody

Optimizing single object IFC models

A ‘single object IFC model’ is an IFC model containing only one object. Product manufacturers increasingly publish their products in IFC format

Copy-Editing IFC Models

Copy-editing is an established term in the publishing industry. Let’s see how the same concept applies to IFC models. “Copy-editing is the

What is BIM quality?

By simply separating model quality and design quality we get a much clearer understanding of what BIM quality really is. If we

Best possible IFC – Part3

How can we create a best possible IFC? Even though you agree with our reasoning so far (what and why), you may

Best possible IFC – Part2

Why should we should strive towards the best possible IFC? There is fairly universal agreement that we must change our processes in

Best possible IFC – Part1

What is a best possible IFC – what are its characteristics? You will often hear arguments in favor of always having all | |