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What’s new in simplebim 7.0?

With simplebim® our goal has always been to make using BIM simple. In the past we have concentrated on efficiently creating relevant,

What’s new in simplebim 6.1?

Simplebim® 6.1 is here! The three major improvements in this release are clipping planes in the 3D palette, improved Table palette and

Simplebim Scenarios

Simplebim can be used by different actors in the BIM exchange. In the following I’m going to go through different scenarios and

Simple BIM Exchange Recipe

Following this fairly simple recipe we can make sure that the BIM exchange produces the expected value for all involved parties. Everybody

What’s new in simplebim 4.0?

Simplebim® 4.0 is here! This new version contains major improvements to the editing functionality, performance, validation and to automation through templates. The

Optimizing single object IFC models

A ‘single object IFC model’ is an IFC model containing only one object. Product manufacturers increasingly publish their products in IFC format

What’s new in simplebim 3.1?

  Simplebim® 3.1 is released. It has a wealth of new features and many improvements and fixes to existing functionality. Update your

ArchiCAD and simplebim

As an ArchiCAD user today you inevitably get in touch with IFC data exchange and must have the ability to deal with | |