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Simplebim 5 Template Guide

NOTE: The template guide for simplebim 6 can be found on our support site

Templates are the key for using simplebim effectively. With templates you can automate for example trimming and extending the model, editing model data, setting validation rules, grouping and enriching the model. This guide covers the idea and structure of simplebim templates. It also contains a detailed reference of all the sections found in templates and some walk-throughs for common usage scenarios. In addition to this guide we also have related video tutorials.

Version 5 (14.12.2015) – for version 7 and 6 please visit our support site

Editing Sample

This template demonstrates the IFC model editing capabilties of simplebim, like setting, copying, trimming and swapping property values

Validation Sample

This template demonstrates the IFC model validation capabilities of simplebim, like how to define objects and properties as required and set lists of allowed property values.

Enrichment Sample

This template demonstrates the IFC model enrichment capabilities of simplebim, like how to add new properties to the model and set the values of those properties.
Version 6.

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  • Prototypes
  • mvdXML
  • Space Boundaries
IDA-ICE add-on for Simplebim 7.1

With the IDA-ICE add-on for Simplebim 7.1 you can validate and prepare IFC files for use in IDA-ICE and merge the analysis result from IDA-ICE back to the IFC model for visualization and more intelligent HVAC design.

Prepare: Remove all irrelevant objects and properties, verify that all required objects and properties are present, move property data to where IDA-ICE expects to find it and flag objects to improve the building body and curtain wall detection in IDA-ICE.

Merge results: Import the analysis results from IDA-ICE to simplebim for visualization in the context of the model. Export the merged model to IFC for use by HVAC design applications.

Version 7.1 SR1 (25.09.2018) / Requires Simplebim 7.1 / Documentation

Prototypes add-on for Simplebim 7.1

We often get requests from customers for functionality that solves some specific problem. The Prototypes add-on is a place where we can quickly and easily implement and publish such functionality without cluttering Simplebim. Prototypes, like the name implies, do not go through the same testing process as functionality in the standard product. Often functionality matures in the Prototypes add-on and is then later included in some way in the standard product.

Version 2.11.2018 / Requires Simplebim 7.1 / Documentation

mvdXML add-on for Simplebim 7.1

With the mvdXML add-on for Simplebim 7.1 you can create Simplebim templates from mvdXML files. This supports the vendor neutral OpenBIM workflow for validating IFC models against Exchange Requirements (ER) defined within the Model View Definition (MVD) framework. This add-on was developed in co-operation with Statsbygg. Please be sure to read the documentation before installing and using this add-on, especially the section about known limitations.

Version 25.9.2018 / Requires Simplebim 7.1 / Documentation

Space boundary add-on for Simplebim 7

Space boundaries are special objects in IFC that connect a space to its bounding elements (walls, doors, windows, slabs). Most applications don’t need space boundaries, but for some energy and indoor condition analysis applications they are mandatory. This add-on allows you to generate space boundaries into your model with good consistent quality.

Version 7.0 SR2 (19.3.2019) / Requires Simplebim 7.0 SR2 / Documentation

Add-ons for Simplebim 6
Alternative 3D add-on for simplebim 6.1

NOTE: This add-on is no longer needed for Simplebim 7

We have encountered cases where the model does not show up in our high performance 3D window. This happens on some computer, but even on those computers not with all models. We are working on fixing the issue, but if this happens to you the workaround is to install this add-on.

Version 2.6.2017 / Requires simplebim 6.1 / Documentation | |