Import and Export
Trim, Edit and Enrich
Validate and Preview
Manage Rights

The simplebim® promise

The IFC model you export from simplebim® will be better than the IFC model you imported into simplebim®. The exported IFC model will be smaller and work better. When you use validation and preview, it will also contain data that can be trusted.

Import and Export IFC

You can import and export IFC2x3 models using the .ifc and .ifczip file formats. During IFC import and export some useful cleanup and compression is performed on the model. However, the main value of simplebim® comes from the ability to trim, edit and enrich the model, managing model rights, and from automating these tasks.

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Model Trimmer

Typically each IFC data exchange only requires a subset of all the objects and properties in your model. With Model Trimmer you can define which objects and properties will be included in the new IFC file that you export from simplebim®. This puts you in full control over which part of the model you are exchanging.

Property Editor

The BIM authoring tool and in-house guidelines (like templates, object libraries and modeling practices) have an impact on the resulting IFC models. With Property Editor you can move data from one property to another, convert property types and edit property values. You can make sure all property values are relevant, reliable and in the correct place in IFC.


With simplebim® you can add new data to IFC models from external data sources, e.g. add energy analysis results to space objects. You can also create new data based on data you already have in the model, e.g. set the internal/external information of walls based on the wall type.

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Model Validation

The project and receiving application both set requirements for a successful IFC data exchange. With simplebim® you can easily validate the IFC model against those requirements. Simplebim® uses real-time-validation, i.e. the validation results are automatically updated as you edit, trim and enrich the model.

Export Preview

Just like you preview drawings and any other documents, you should always preview the IFC models you share with others. The Export Preview in simplebim® shows only the objects and properties that will be exported to the new IFC file, and the relevant validation results. You always know if the IFC model at hand meets the requirements of professional data exchange.

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You often need to perform the same tasks for trimming, editing, enrichment and setting validation rules on different models and different versions of the same model. With templates you can easily automate these task. For a efficient workflow you can even create a hierarchy of templates, e.g. separate generic templates and project specific templates.

Simplebim® comes with a set of pre-defined templates that you can use out-of-the-box. You can also create your own templates by starting from an empty template or by copying one of the pre-defined templates.

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Author and Licensing Information

With simplebim® you target the IFC model to a well defined use. You can then add author and licensing information to the model, making clear to everybody for what use the model is intended for, who is allowed to use it and under which conditions (model license). This greatly reduces confusion in your project and allows you to protect your rights on a detailed level.

Data Exchange Agreements

The simplebim® workflow allows you to set meaningful, realistic and detailed data exchange requirements in your project. These agreements are the basis for professional IFC data exchange, because with them all participants know what is expected from them and what they can expect from others. This again enables the different parties to allocate the necessary resources and to develop predictable and profitable business models around IFC data exchange.

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