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Edit and Enrich
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The simplebim® promise

The IFC model you export from simplebim will be better than the IFC model you imported into simplebim. The exported IFC model will be smaller and work better. When you use validation it will also contain data that can be trusted.

Import and Export IFC

You can import and export IFC2x3 and IFC4 models using the .ifc and .ifczip file formats. During IFC import and export some useful cleanup and compression is performed on the model. However, the main value of simplebim comes from the ability to trim, edit and enrich the model, and from automating these tasks. You can also export the property data in your model into Excel.

Merge Models

You can merge any number of models, but unlike other solutions, simplebim does a true merge. This means that you can, if you wish, merge the sites, building and building storeys such that the resulting model is just like it was all originally created using one application. Simplebim also merges type objects, systems, zones and other resources for a optimal result. If the partial models are not located correctly they can be easily aligned using the Placement Editor. Finally you can export the merged model into a new IFC file.


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Unnecessary data causes unnecessary problems. With simplebim you can trim the model and remove all objects and properties that are not needed for the intended use of the model. This makes the model lighter to operate, reduces file sizes and prevents many unnecessary technical problems.

Edit Properties And Colors

In simplebim you can edit property values, combine and split values and move values from one property to another. This gives you a high level of flexibility and helps streamline your BIM process. You can also edit the color and transparency of objects to create informative 3D views for yourself or to satisfy requirements set by others.


You can add new data to IFC models from external data sources, for example add detailed information for doors and windows. You can also populate properties based on data you already have in the model, for example set the internal/external information of walls based on the wall type. You can further organize the model by creating different kinds of groups, like systems and zones. You can even add hierarchical classification systems and define rules for assigning classifications to objects.

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Input Validation

With simplebim you validate that a model is valid input into the next step in the process, for example that architectural models are suitable as input into quantity take-off. This is a very important to find out and concentrating on input validation also makes defining and using validation extremely simple for you.

Real-time Validation

Simplebim uses real-time-validation, i.e. the validation results are automatically updated as you edit, trim and enrich the model. You can validate that the model has required objects and properties and that properties have required values, for example from a list of allowed values. You can also validate groups, for example create groups for exterior and interior walls and define different validation rules for both groups.

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You often need to perform the same tasks for trimming, editing, enrichment and setting validation rules on different models and different versions of the same model. With templates you can easily automate these task. Simplebim comes with a set of pre-defined templates that you can use out-of-the-box. You can also create your own templates by starting from an empty template or by copying one of the pre-defined templates.


Tools can be used for performing a wide variety of tasks from finding duplicate objects to calculating quantities. Tools can be run from the user interface, from templates and as part of a batch process. Simplebim comes with a set of tools that we have created and you can even create your own tools using our application programming interface (API).

Batch Processing

With batch processing you can start simplebim with a minimal user interface and automate whole sequences, for example import an IFC file, apply a template to it and save the result as a new IFC file.

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With simplebim our goal is to make using BIM simple. You can efficiently create relevant, reliable and normalized models, but this is just the beginning. You can also easily adjust a workspace in simplebim to contain just the functionality you need for performing a specific task and save the workspace to be re-used any time you are performing the same task again. With simple data in a simple user interface BIM finally becomes ultra simple!

Table Palette

Once you have made your model relevant, reliable and normalized our multi-tabbed Table palette gives you excellent tools for using the data. You can group, filter and sort rows, colorize objects based on their property values and display summary information. The layout, features and data of the table are saved as part of the workspace, which allows you to easily create customized views that you can re-use yourself or share with others.

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