What’s new in simplebim 3.1?

Jun 09, 2014 by Jiri Hietanen


Simplebim® 3.1 is released. It has a wealth of new features and many improvements and fixes to existing functionality. Update your simplebim® now and watch the updated getting started tutorials to learn more about the new features. Simplebim® 3.1 update is free for all the simplebim® 3.0 license owners. If you are still using simplebim® 2, now is good time to upgrade. Buy your license upgrade from the Buy It page. Here are the highlights of simplebim® 3.1.

You can now easily add information from external data sources to IFC models using templates. Merge for example the results of a energy simulation into the original IFC file to enable smarter HVAC design, or add detailed information about door hardware into the IFC file for the installer on the construction site.

New Tools
You can now check and remove the duplicate objects and overlapping spaces automatically. This is very important for example when preparing an IFC model for quantity take-off or spatial program validation.

Template Improvements
The new layout and reporting make the simplebim templates easier to manage and use. The new template features enable you to automate your validation and editing tasks even further and safe you time, nerve and money. Two new ready-made templates give you full control when producing or using IFC files in EasyBIM or Solibri.

UI Improvements
The new zoom to selected, basic views, reveal visualization and autozoom features make it fast and easy to explore and understand the model in 3D. New filtering options in properties palette make it easy to find and explore the properties.

Batch Processing
You can now import IFC files, apply templates, write log files and export IFC files with scripts. This will safe you a lot of manual work and time when you need to process large number of IFC models.

All Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Template improvements
    • New look-and-feel for templates. All templates that come with simplebim have been updated to the new look-and-feel. Your templates with the old look-and-feel still work.
    • Support added for setting model units from a template
    • Support added for moving and rotating project from a template (for models with multiple sites)
    • Support added for setting values of any property type from a template
    • Support added for chaining templates. This allows you to manage and maintain templates more efficiently
    • Support added for running Tools (was called ‘Built-in Templates’ before) as part of template
    • Support added for trimming property values using templates, e.g. removing prefixes from values. Includes support for regular expressions.
    • Support added for substitution lists in templates. These make templates easier to read, more robust and easier to maintain
    • Reporting will tell what happened when the template was applied, including any warnings and errors that may occur.
    • New templates for Solibri Model Checker and Tocoman Easy BIM
  • User interface improvements
    • Standard 3D views such as Top and Front added to the 3D view
    • Zoom to selected added to the 3D view
    • Reveal visualization mode added to the 3D view
    • Autozoom added to the 3D view
    • Zoom to fit improved in the 3D view
    • Added filtering the list of properties and values displayed in the Properties palette
    • Filtering the list of object classes in the Objects palette improved
    • Added dialog for copying and merging property values in Property Editor
    • Fixed bug in Property Editor when converting numeric values to measure values
  • IFC import improvements
    • Bug fixed in importing properties from IFC when the same instance of IfcPropertySingleValue was used by several different object classes through property sets with different names
    • Several bugs fixed in handling special geometry cases during IFC import
  • IFC export improvements
    • Bug fixed in exporting object placements. In some special cases a wrong kind of local placement for objects was written to IFC. This caused objects to be placed wrongly in some applications
    • Added possibility to export edited systems, groups and zones
  • Other
    • ‘Built-In Templates’ renamed to ‘Tools’. Tools are software modules that extend the functionality of simplebim
    • New Tools added for checking for duplicate objects, finding overlapping spaces and assigning objects to building storeys
    • Batch processing for processing large number of IFC models
    • Fixed bug that caused the application to crash at startup if the settings file was corrupted

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