What’s new in simplebim 4.0?

Nov 15, 2014 by Jiri Hietanen

Simplebim® 4.0 is here! This new version contains major improvements to the editing functionality, performance, validation and to automation through templates. The BCF Manager add-on, previously available as a separate download, is now included in the standard installation. Update your simplebim now and watch the brand new getting started tutorials to learn more about simplebim 4.0.

Editing Improvements
We introduced undo/redo to make your editing experience more efficient and relaxed. You can edit the containment structure of the model in the new Containment Editor workspace by adding and merging building storeys, and moving objects from one container to another via drag and drop. In the new Appearance Editor workspace you can edit the color and transparency of objects manually or based on rules using palettes and schemes. It is now easier than ever to communicate complex information with color-coded 3D models.

Performance Improvements
IFC import and export are, on certain models, now up to 10 times faster than before. We also introduced template caching, which considerably speeds up the start-up of the application, especially if you have a lot of templates installed. And if you are Autodesk Revit user, you can export IFC files from simplebim that not only load up to 4 times faster into Revit, but also result in a native Revit model that is up to 75% smaller.

Template Improvements
The alternatives for validating text property values has been expanded to include…

  • Must be one of the Values = Allowed Values in simplebim 3
  • Must contain one of the Values – new
  • Must start with one of the Values – new
  • Must end with one of the Values – new
  • Must be like one of the Values (with wildcards) – new
  • Must match one of the Values (regular expression) – new
  • Must have unique values – new
  • …and the corresponding ‘Must not’ alternatives – new
  • …and the case-insensitive option for all alternatives – new

As a new feature we introduced Groups. You can define a rule for selecting a group of objects from the model and use this group in edit operations (like copy, trim or find and replace), validation and enhancement. Using groups you can now target the validation to any group of objects, regardless of their object class. The same applies to enrichment, which you can use for easily adding new data to the model. The groups are also shown in the user interface and can be used just like object classes. Group rules can use text, numeric and yes/no properties. And/Or logic is supported for creating more complex rules.

Calculated Quantities
You can now use simplebim for calculating basic quantities for objects from their 3D geometry. The calculated quantities can be exported to IFC or Excel.

BCF Manager Add-On
BCF Manager adds the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) features to simplebim. You can read and write BCF files, and create BCF issues manually or automatically from the simplebim validation results. You can then communicate the findings with designers via BCF files to get them fixed. The BCF manager can now be easily accessed from the ribbon.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Overrides for object colors are now saved into the native file firmat (.cube)
  • Improved regular expression handling supports now one Regex group (in templates)
  • New tool for adding the minimum and maximum elevations to objects based on their 3D geometry
  • Bug fix in IFC Import settings (in templates)
  • Improved handling and display of validation results in the Property Editor
  • It is now possible to drag and drop any combination of objects into the Properties Palette to see their common properties
  • Bug fixed in displaying measure values that would get rounded to zero based on their rounding rule
  • New dropdown menu for workspaces containing the tools that are relevant to that workspace
  • Performance improvements for using the Filter in the Properties Palette

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