What’s new in simplebim 6.0?

Dec 21, 2016 by Jiri Hietanen

Simplebim® 6.0 is here! This release again pushes the envelope of open BIM validation and editing. The new location editing opens up whole new possibilities and the user interface improvements allow you to be more productive than ever. Update your simplebim now and watch the new getting started tutorials to learn more about simplebim 6.0.

Location Editor
With the new Location Editor you can split IFC models. You import so called ‘3D location prisms’ that can represent any location, like building section, building storey, apartment or retail unit. The objects that are completely inside a location prism are assigned to that location. Any objects that span multiple locations can be split into location specific parts. For example a wall that bounds multiple apartment can be split such that each apartment has its own segment of that wall. Quantities can be re-calculated for the split objects. The unique Smart Splitting takes care that objects are only split in a meaningful way, for example that walls are not split vertically in the direction of their axis or slabs are not split horizontally. Objects, like doors, windows and furniture, can also be excluded from splitting.

Splitting IFC models offers a superior workflow compared to the alternatives. For example a construction company does not have to ask the designers to split their native models based on construction sections. This would make working on their own models more difficult for the designers and introduce waste, especially when sections change. Instead the construction company can split the designers IFC models in simplebim and always get the desired, error free result with minimum coordination and effort.

In-place Property Editing
You can now edit property values directly in the Properties Palette. All property values can be edited unless they are locked. For text properties you get a drop-down list with the other values for that property. If the text property has a list of allowed values, the drop-down will contain the allowed values instead. Editing is started by selecting a value and then clicking a second time on the same value.

Saving Workspace Layouts

When you adjust a workspace to your liking by defining the size of the palettes, re-arranging palettes or even adding new palettes or changing the canvas, simplebim will automatically save your layout and use it the next time you open the same workspace. If you made a mistake you can always reset the workspace layout to its original state.

New Tools

The new ‘Convert to Brep’ -tool, which simplifies geometry to boundary representations, is useful when the receiving application is not able to correctly read advanced geometry structures from IFC.

The new ‘Flatten Contained Geometries’ and ‘Convert Assemblies to Building Elements’ tools enhance workflows with applications that don’t support Element Assemblies in their IFC import

Model Placement Editor Improvements

The Model Placement Editor workspace has been significantly improved. The user interface is clearer, you get an immediate feedback in the 3D window and all operations can be undone. It is also possible to edit the longitude and latitude of the project.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • BCF Manager has been updated to a new version. For more information please visit the BCF Manager home page.
  • The ribbon has been simplified and streamlined by moving most functions to the default Home tab.
  • Links to support and to the template guide were added.
  • Values from text properties can now be copied into measure value properties using templates
  • Merging properties with the same name using templates has been simplified
  • The color picker in the 3D Palette ribbon tab has been improved to also allow setting the transparency of objects
  • General performance and stability improvements.